A company relies on its IT for more than just simple letter writing or sending email; holiday bookings, job appointments and customer contact details, plus many more mission critical business tools rely on IT.

Monthly Support Contract (Fix your costs)


As an Ipswich based business IT support company we are able to support the whole of East Anglia, with an understanding of how various businesses operate, we support your needs in a timely and efficient manner. We will provide you with business IT support and a trust in us that’s required from any support personnel you contract or employ.

We have a fixed hourly rate for all business related computer issues of £45ph +vat, this price reflects the complex nature of business computer support and the extended knowledge involved in working with servers and networks.

However, if your business is without a server and has only a few computers, please see our Home IT Support pages as this may better suit your needs.



We are fully trained in computer networking for either Telecoms or Computers.  We’re able to supply, fit and install computer cabling within your buildings and confirm that all are tested and working.

We are also able to install PSTN telephone extensions, for extra corded phones or connections between buildings, using high level cabling we can install connections for computers and phones without interrupting your gardens or car parks.

For cabling quotes please contact us here

Maintenance Contracts

With many computers and many employees come many IT problems and questions. We offer monthly business IT support packages that allow you to fix your support costs on a monthly basis.

The packages start at £50 +VAT per month for the Bronze option and include:

No call out fees
Fixed hourly rate of £25ph +VAT
Free offsite backup, limited to 100gb
3 Hours free remote support
2 Hours additional telephone support
Unlimited email support

The next packages are our Silver and Gold options:

Please contact us (click here) for more information, we ask you to do this because of the varying nature of IT set ups.

However, as we like to give you an idea of what costs you might expect:-

1 Server

Standard ADSL Broadband

1 Network Switch

7 Computers

7 or more Users

No call out fees

No extra support charges for work outside agreed times

We would charge £300+VAT per month,

You would only pay this amount and ANY extra work would be covered within this FIXED price.